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Training/Internship Name : Python Programming Language

Description: The course will teach you how to start coding in Python and prepare for the further scopes like data science and machine learning.

Duration: 4 Weeks

Price: ₹ 1600 ₹ 640

About Course

By the end of the certificate program students will have gained a fundamental understanding of programming in Python by creating a variety of scripts and applications for the Web and for systems development. Python is a versatile programming language, suitable for projects ranging from small scripts to large systems. The certificate program emphasizes best practices such as version control, unit testing and recommended styles and idioms. Students will explore the large standard library of Python 3, which supports many common programming tasks.

About Training

This training is essentially focused on teaching you Python which will boost your morale for writing more precise codes of Python for system infrastructures and Resource-constrained applications. You will understand the language from the fundamentals striding toward advance level. Our Online live classes will let you explore Python at your ease and on-spot doubt resolutions, making it more apparent. You can join the training either as a beginner or as an intermediate level student. Our instructors will evaluate things in both languages. You will experience real-time programming and debugging with our experienced facility in live classes. Evaluate your training outcomes with a mini-project at the end of the 4th week of the training and Main Project at the end, after successful completion of the training. We will schedule special doubt sessions on student's desire. You will also achieve lifetime valid Certificate and Letter of Recommendation after successful submission of the project. Guest Lecture will be a part of the training to let you discuss your career-related doubts and queries. Optimal learning of Python is targeted in these classes.

Objective of Training

• Learn from source code and their applications. • Understand the fundamentals of Python • Teach you to write your first code • Function of all the Operators. • Understand Variable, data type, etc.. • Debugging your code on your own • At last, not the least, design your project with what you learn through the training itself

Topics Covered

  • Python - a tool, not a reptile
  • There is more than one Python
  • Let's start our Python adventure
  • Your first program
  • Python literals
  • Operators - data manipulation tools
  • Variables - data-shaped boxes
  • How to talk to computer?
  • Making decisions in Python
  • Python's loops
  • Logic and bit operations in Python
  • Lists - collections of data
  • Sorting simple lists - the bubble sort algorithm
  • Lists - some more details
  • Lists in advanced applications
  • Writing functions in Python
  • How functions communicate with their environment?
  • Returning a result from a function
  • Scopes in Python
  • Functions
  • Tuples and dictionaries


• Computer, Laptop or Android Phone • No prerequisite coding Knowledge


• At the end of the course, students with 75% attendance in online classes will get a Certificate for Completion of the training successfully. • Students will have to submit their projects to get their Letter of Recommendation.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Sample Certificate

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