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Training/Internship Name : Full Stack Development

Description: The course will teach you how to start coding and let you learn all the concepts from scratch.

Duration: 6 Weeks

Price: ₹ 2300 ₹ 920

About Course

In this era of e-commerce, online businesses and online education, web pages and websites have become a necessity of the time, leading to considerable demand of web developers in every type of offline company or business. Learning web development makes you more productive and priority of selectors in an interview.
Web Development is an aspect of developing a website for the internet or intranet. Web development can vary from developing a simple static page with a plain text to Web-based Internet complex applications, social networking services and other internet interaction pages. A more detailed list of tasks to which web development correlates may contain Web design, Web content development, Web Engineering, Wes server and network security arrangements. Front-end web development, is one of the three specifications of web development, i.e. front-end development, back-end development and full-stack development. Front-end web development is responsible for the behaviours and visuals that run on the user window browser or mobile device browser, while back-end development deals with the servers.

About Training

This training is scheduled and patterned for beginners as well as Intermediated, who are seeking advanced training that masters their skills in Front-end web development. This course teaches you about structures and functionality of web pages which are formed by a combination of HTML, CSS, javascript, and python. This training will teach you to write syntactically correct HTML5 and CSS3 codes to make web pages and make them interactive with JavaScript. During the discipline, you will acquire web development skills and ability to design and implement a responsive site, this utilises all the terms you learn during the Training. Working in a standardized order of learning front-end web development, we will start from HTML5 moving forward to CSS3, then Bootstrap, JavaScript and with the understanding of these coding languages you will make a mini guided project, after the completion of this mini-project, at last, we will lead you to jQuery and binding up the whole training with the Main project in which you will receive complete guidance of our instructor. You will experience real-time programming and debugging with our experienced facility in live classes. We will schedule special doubt sessions on student's demand. You will also achieve lifetime validity Certificate and Letter of Recommendation after successful submission of the project allotted to every student at the end of the Training. Guest Lecture will be a part of the training to let you discuss your career-related doubts and queries.

Objective of Training

• Learn simple HTML text used in web development. • Learn Styling web pages using CSS • Program websites with JavaScript • Build a Project using Bootstrap • Add interactivity to web pages with JavaScript • Gain skills of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS3). • Make your own project after learning all basic languages.

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to html5
  • First webpage
  • Header tag Paragraph tag, etc
  • List and its types
  • Image
  • Forms
  • Links
  • Iframes Other
  • Inline CSSc
  • Classes
  • IDs
  • Divs
  • Colors
  • Floating
  • Positioning
  • Padding
  • Borders
  • Fonts
  • Styling
  • Aligning
  • External CSS Others
  • First Bootstrap Site,
  • The Grid system
  • Introducing Navbars
  • Forms and Tables
  • Modals
  • ScrollSpy
  • Variables
  • Array
  • If, else statements Loops
  • While Loops
  • Internal JavaScript
  • Accessing Elements
  • Respond to click Functions
  • External JavaScript
  • Manipulating Styles
  • Mini projects
  • What is jQuery?
  • Using jQuery in webpages
  • Detecting a click Changing Website
  • IIntroductionto Asynchronous Programming
  • AJAX inJavaScript
  • Logging data fromAJAX requests


PC or a laptop or an android phone No programming or coding experience is required.


Once you complete the training with 75℅ attendance in online classes you will get a lifetime verified certificate for successful completion of the Training. We will grant Letter of recommendation to those students who submit their Projects at the end of the training.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Sample Certificate

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APKDESU - Best MOD APK Games and App Premium for android APKDESU MOD GAMES APKDESU APP